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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The San Gabriel Valley Lawyer Referral Service assists more than ten thousand people each year, and has been serving residents of Southern California's San Gabriel Valley for over 45 years.

We're a non-profit public service organization certified by the State Bar of California to provide lawyer referrals to the public, with more than 100 attorneys currently available to help you!


How It Works:

  • findalawyerOur trained specialists will determine what type of legal problems you're experiencing and can, in most cases, schedule a meeting with an attorney within three days. Note: In emergency situations, same-day conferences can be arranged.




  • confidentialAll your information is kept strictly confidential and every effort is made to refer you to the attorney most experienced with your type of legal needs. In addition, at your request, we'll try to locate an office that's as close and convenient to your location as possible.




  • consultationThe Lawyer Referral Service guarantees your first office visit up to half-an-hour will cost no more than $40. In cases of Personal Injury, Social Security, Workers' Compensation,  Bankruptcy or Probate, there will be no charge for your first conference. In many cases, this consultation may be enough to solve your problems, but if further services are needed, the attorney can provide an estimate of fees and a discussion of additional fee arrangements.

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